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Spring 2013

GFCI plugs in your home

A ground-fault circuitinterrupter, or GFCI, is a device used in electrical wiring to disconnect acircuit when unbalanced current is detected between an energized conductor anda neutral return conductor.  Such an imbalance is sometimes caused by current"leaking" through a person who is simultaneously in contactwith a ground and an energized part of the circuit, which could result inlethal shock.  GFCIs are designed to provide protection in such asituation, unlike standard circuit breakers, which guard against overloads,short circuits and ground faults.

Aluminum Wiring

Between approximately 1965 and 1973, single-strand aluminum wiring was sometimes substituted for copper branch-circuit wiring in residential electrical systems.  Aluminum and copper wiring, with each metal clearly identifiable by its color" -width-due to the sudden escalating price of copper. After adecade of use by homeowners and electricians, inherent weaknesses were discovered in the metal that lead to its disuse as a branch wiring material. Although properly maintained aluminum wiring is acceptable, aluminum will generally become defective faster than copper due to certain qualities inherentin the metal.

Prevent Deck Disasters!

In my last post I talked about the importance of proper landscaping to keep our homes safe while making the yard beautiful.  2 Million decks a year are built and replaced in North America, and an overall part of the  landscape. Some large and elaborate and some smaller sitting areas, either way many home owners often tackle the build themselves, resulting in structures not built to last and some very unsafe situations.
Because decks appear to besimple to build, many people do not realize that decks are, in fact, structuresthat need to be designed to adequately resist certain stresses.

Landscaping-Critical Considerations

Now that summer is here all the yard work and creative ways to give our houses a great curb appeal has started. When deciding what to do with your yard consider a few things; In a city like Regina where our soil conditions are unique and our freeze thaw cycles are extreme sometimes causing damage to the foundation of your home. A significant amout of thought and money goes into roof pitch, roofing materials, maitenence free soffit, facia, gutters and lot grading. We ALWAYS or should alawys be sure our downspouts are extended 4-6 feet away from the foundation of our home and have a minimun of 5 % grade away from the foundation to protect the concrete or wood foundation and to prenvet interior moisture seepage.

BBQ season

Be sure to keep your BBQ at least 3 feet away from vinyl siding to prevent heat damage,  do not BBQ under covered deck areas with plastic roof materials and even metal soffits. Follow recommendations below for a safe and happy BBQing season.
With barbeque season already here, homeowners should heed the following safety precautions in order to keep their families and property safe.
  • Propane grills present an enormous fire hazard, as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is aware of more than 500 fires that result annually from their misuse or malfunction.
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