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Home inspections are always very important when making a real estate transaction, or even every few years on your existing home to ensure the house as a system is working properly. The city of Regina is unique in the inspection industry, due to our extreme climate changes, adverse soil conditions and construction intuitiveness to adapt to these conditions. When choosing a home inspector to educate you about your property, it is important to choose someone that is educated in these specialized aspects of our city. Our clay based plastic like soil can cause significant ground pressure that affects our foundations by causing deflection, cracking and moisture seepage that can be very costly to repair. Our extreme climates and snow coverage affects our homes ventilation,  insulation factors and wear on roof shingles and exterior finished that keep our home safe. When choosing the right home inspector, they should be able to not only point out deficiencies and issues with the home but educate you about the property, the way it works as a system, and ways to maintain it through our unique conditions to protect your investment. Home inspections are not for the DIYer, even if a person has done minor renovations and understands some trades, It is very important to have a professional inspect your property.  The biggest problems are usually the hidden ones that cost considerable amount of money later on and wont be picked up by the untrained eye. When choosing a home  inspector consider their certification and back ground experience as well as their reporting process. If they offer a hand written report that is very vague and replies with "condition is Fair" or "in moderate condition" what does that mean to the home owner? their report should include photos of any deficiencies and recommendations, as that is what you are paying for and relying on the inspector to do. Home inspectors are not magicians, but with the right experience, equipment, resources, and passion to provide a fantastic home inspection  it is an invaluable service any home owner. 
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